Rental properties in Samal, Philippines range in Rental price from 2500 pesos monthly rent to as high as P120k pesos rent. But the average rental house in Samal, would be around P8k to 15k pesos monthly rent. When renting a property in Samal, we recommend that the renter checks on the availability of phone, DSL, water, and chooses a good rental location. We assist our renters every step of the way. Finding a rental that fits their budget, preferred rental location, a rental property with available phone line access, a rental property with available DSL connection if needed, a rental property with cable connection, etc. We also assist our clients in reviewing rental agreements and getting rental agreements notarized.

We also have fully furnished rental properties. Prices though of fully furnished rental homes are expensive, specially if the rental location is in an exclusive subdivision. A short list of just some of the rental assistance that we offer to renters:

Short term rental agreements in Samal, long term rental agreements in Samal, apartment rental in Samal, rental agreement review, rental agreement notarization, utility setup for renters in Samal and much more for renters. House rental in Samal, Philippines vary depending on the location and its amenities. The Rental prices range from Php2,500 – Php120k per month based on the following data: Low Cost Housing subdivision for Rent 2,500.00/month ; 2 bedrooms/1 CR Apartments (old ones ) – P6k /month 3 BR/2 CR Townhouse rental (modern/downtown)P15k /month ; 3 bedrooms/3CR Bungalow type rental House P15,000.00/month ;

Exclusive Subdivisions with Amenities and guards: Old rental unit (unfurnished) P18k/month 3bedrooms/3CR ; New rental units (unfurnished) 25,000.00/month 3bedrooms/3CR; Fully furnished rental 2 storey- house 35k to P120k/per month at least 3 bedrooms and at least 3 CR’s to 6-8 BR and CR.

The low cost rental units are no longer posted on our website because they do not come often and when they do, it’s gone in a day or two to clients who have been on our waiting list. Our rental services do not end upon finding your rental property for you.

We go the extra mile by making sure that the phone line is connected, the DSL is connected, the cable is done and most importantly, the house is in good order so that your stay in the rental houses we find for you, our valued clients, is worth the rent.