Know the best Davao Beachfront Subdivision to live in Davao. The Davao city has the list of the Davao’s most prestigious communities, and Davao Condominiums where you will find the best residential real estate properties in Davao.

Villa Josefina Resort Village is an exclusive Davao Beachfront Subdivision community just within the city. This subdivision has world-class amenities that your family would enjoy. Those who prefer living in the southern part of Davao City will definitely love this place.
City Government of Davao city

The Davao City Government of Davao city real estate is very positive on developmental projects. Infrastructure modernizations such as international standard airport, roads, bridges, and seaports are being done in response to the present challenges of the new millennium.

The Davao City’s goals, thrusts, and programs are being guided by the fundamental principles of sustainable development for each Davao Beachfront Subdivision. Under the Comprehensive Development Plan for 1996-2021, the City’s priorities are: peace and order; health; environment; education and social services; shelter; livelihood; infrastructure; agriculture and fishery development; investment and tourism; revenue enhancement; sports development; and good governance.

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