A glimpse of Davao

Real estate in Davao city is a province capable of arousing interest or curiosity. The cultural diversity and traditions; the mountainous region marked with rolling hills and fertile valleys. The alluring orchid called the waling-waling, the intriguing endangered Philippine Eagle, whose sanctuary is at the foot of Mt. Apo, Philippine real estate highest mountain. The harmonious relationship between its neighboring provinces influenced by ethnic and cultural ties has made Davao the window to the island of Mindanao.

In the early stage, ethnic tribes lived together harmoniously, in peace and friendship like the Bagobos, Mandayas, and Manobos, Mansakas and Tiboli and others in Mindanao real estate Philippines.

They were the ones that gave the province a name from the word “daba-daba”, now Davao. It is because of its abundance of natural resources Real estate in Davao city has also attracted neighboring provinces and settlers. Despite its differences in culture and tradition people have live together in peace and harmony, makes Philippine real estate Davao unique!

Davao is a melting pot for all culture; its geography and surroundings, the piece of history, the diversity of culture and tradition, the gathering and festivities like the Kadayawan Festival makes Davao City inviting and exciting to visit. Just ask the Dabawenyos.

Geographic location in Davao city Philippine real estate

Geographic location as the Davao map show can actually have an influence on how to look and discuss the property valued wherein the bigger the size of the property and condo-unit is, the higher the rent is. For Mindanao real estate Philippines, they are the undeniable leader and pillar in their community. This data may also reveal some facts that can influence your decision to buy or not to buy.

High-end properties in Real estate in Davao city

Mindanao real estate Philippines are accredited to market high-end properties from trusted Davao real estate Developers in Davao City and in the Davao map Philippines.

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