One of the most traveled tourist destinations in the Philippines, Davao is famous for its breathtaking scenic beauty and its warm Filipino hospitality. Sprawled amidst enchanting surroundings as the Davao map of the island of Mindanao, Davao is one of the most picturesque cities of the Philippines.

The ‘Orchard of the Philippines’, Davao is also known for its exotic flowers and fruits such as pineapples, bananas, pomelos, marang, and mangoes. It’s the biggest cutflower producer in the country and a major exporter of tropical fruits and. To have the Davao travel guidelines it offers a number of exciting destinations for the tourist to enjoy. A perfect place for beach lovers and adventure seekers, Davao offers an ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday as well as an exciting range of mountain adventures.

Prime Tourist Attractions

Philippine Eagle Foundation: The Philippine Eagle Foundation stated in Davao map is the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts and bird lovers. Here, you can see the endangered Philippine Eagle and a variety of other wildlife. The amazing Philippine Eagles are considered as one of the 50 rarest birds in the world.

San Pedro Cathedral: The oldest church in the Davao, it was named after San Pedro, the patron saint of Davao. This beautiful Spanish style that adapts the Davao city real estate architecture was built in the year 1847. One of its wings houses the collections of antique images of saints, belonging to the old San Pedro Church.

Davao Museum: One of the well renowned museums in the Philippines, Davao Museum is famous for its rich collection of tribal art, including tribal handicrafts, art costumes, jewelry, and ceramics. It also has a gallery dedicated to unique paintings and sculptures of the region and shows the beauty of the said Davao city real estate.

Mount Apo: Mt. Apo, as the Davao map the highest peak in the Philippines, is the home to the monkey-eating Philippine Eagle and the waling-waling, a rare orchid of exceptional beauty.

Davao city real estate is also a famous tribal region of the Philippines. If you want to get an insight into the unique tribal life of the region, you may consider a visit to Dabaw Etnica, a tiny settlement of the Mandaya Tribe. Shopping for exquisite handicrafts, antiques and artifacts from Mindanao’s tribes can be an exciting experience for you.

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