Home Buying Negotiation Dos & Donts

These are just some of the most frequent DO’s and DONT’s that must be followed and avoided. Maintain an open mind as you begin to negotiate. Accept that you may have to walk away from major issues and accept compromises where they make sense to you. In this scenario, negotiation is your ally. Utilize all of these ideas to enhance the satisfaction of your purchase.


  • Allow your real estate agent in Davao to negotiate on your behalf. To get the deal you want, you need to work with an agent that is trustworthy, competent, and knowledgeable. Licensed real estate agents in Davao City and Samal City are acquainted with the market, seller pressure points, conventional and flexible negotiating tactics, as well as the appropriate time for offering and counter-offering a property (Samal houses, Samal properties sale, Davao house for sale, Davao commercial properties for sale, Lot for sale Davao, Land for sale Davao)
  • Do get what is most important to you; you will then be able to choose which negotiating points are more flexible for you.
  • Discover the seller’s reasons for selling the house. Knowing if the seller is seeking a fast sale, has been unable to sell the home for an extended period, or other variables may assist you and your agent create a better offer for the seller.
  • Do write it down and include images. If appliances, furnishings, or other amenities are included, the contract should specifically state so.
  • – Do photograph what is included as well, so that all sides understand exactly what was agreed upon.


  • Don’t give a lowball offer. With the assistance of Davao real estate and Samal real estate, you will be able to avoid making an offer that is too low and insulting the seller. You would prefer to get a counteroffer from the seller rather than having the seller advise you to “take a walk” in this situation.
  • Don’t let your ego get the best of you. Allowing your ego to stand in the way of a good bargain is not recommended. Be kind and respectful to your Davao realtor.
  • – “Take it or leave it” is the only option. If possible, avoid drawing a line in the sand with your first offer. If you quickly demonstrate that you are reluctant to budge, the seller may get defensive and explore other offers. Even if something is true, don’t make a big deal out of it.
  • Extra Demanding. Certain purchasers would insist that sellers include add-ons like furnishings or appliances that were not listed. Avoid allowing the seller to harbor animosity and believe you’re being greedy.​