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Pacific Heights

Brgy. Camudmud, Samal Island


?General Geography
The Island Garden City of Samal is situated at the heart of an archipelago consisting
of three (3) districts namely; Kaputian, Samal and Babak. It is physically isolated
from other municipalities of Davao del Norte province and mainland Mindanao at
large. It lies between altitude 7 degrees to 7 degrees 5 minutes North and longitude
125 degrees and 40 minutes to 125 degrees and 40 minutes to 125 degrees and 45
minutes East. It is bounded on the North by Davao Gulf district of Babak, on the
South by the Davao Gulf district of Kaputian and on the East and West by Davao
Gulf. It takes about 45 minutes to one-hour ride from Davao City to Samal Island
Garden City via motor boat.However, in going to the other 2 districts from the city proper, it takes 15 minutes to
reach Babak district and 30 minutes to Kaputian district through a skylab or

The Island Garden City of Samal is characterized by extensive mountain ranges, a
number of isolated hills and uneven distribution of lowlands. Particularly, the eastern
part of the island is mountainous. Swampy patches and stretches of sandy beaches
are found in the areas along the coast. Caves which are rich sources of guano can
also be found. One of the famous caves is Baga cave in Talicud Island and several
others in the mainland.

The tallest mountain ranges can be found in the city, which is strategically located in
Brgy. San Antonio with 479 mtrs. above sea level of Babak District, Tayapoc with
532 mtrs. above main sea level of Samal District and Bandera with 400 mtrs. Above
main sea level of Kaputian District.

Land Area
The total land area of Island Garden City of Samalis 30,130 hectares inclusive of all
component islets and tidal flats and roads which is approximately 3.7 % of the total
land area of the entire Davao del Norte province.



?- 8.0 Hectare-area with 400 meter-long shoreline
– Overlooking the alluring calm blue sea water & panoramic shorline of Davao City
– Lot subdivision development includes cemented roads, underground canal, power
line and waterlines.
– Beach resort ameneties like cottages, function halls, restaurant, canteen, bar, mini
pool, etc. (to be managed by the company)

Typical lot size: 150 sq.m.
Contract price: Php 1,050,000.00
A. Bank Financing
30% downpayment – Php 315,000.00
Reservation fee – Php 25,000.00

1st to 12th straight monthly – DP – Php 24,167.00

70% Loanable Amount – Php 735,000.00
Monthly Amortization (10 yrs. at 11.5% p.a.) – Php 13,168.75
B.Pag-ibig Financing (HDMF Loan)
Reservation Fee – Php 25,000.00
HDMF Loan ((Subject to Pag-ibig Approval) – Php 500,000.00

HDMF Mo. Amort. (30 yrs.) – Php 3,531.51

Balance (Equity) – Php 525,000.00
12 mos. 0% interest – Php 43,750.00
24 mos. 14% p.a – Php 25,207.00
36 mos. 16% p.a. – Php 18,457.44
C. In-house Financing
20% Downpayment – Php 210,000.00
Reservation Fee – Php 25,000.00

80% Balance – Php 840,000.00
12 mos. 0% interest – Php 67,917.00
24 mos. 14% p.a. – Php 40,330.80
48 mos. 18% p.a. – Php 24,675.00
60 mos. 20% p.a. – Php 22,254.86
Price : properties are payable upto 30 years. PAG-IBIG, Bank and In-House Financing Scheme is AVAILABLE!

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